Easter Sunday 2012


Today is a beautiful DAY!

Well a recap from last night…

We had a great time..it was more relaxed…lots of good food {of course} …and lots of good talk. The men&boys were all active and doing thier own thing ..Rob broke the basketball hoop…cause he shouldn’t slam dunk…jeepers!

The gals and teenagers..talked, shared and laughed.{as always}.

I have been having a lot of reflection lately..knowing Easterwas arriving andjust my endless search to find truth, myself andgain a better relationship with Christ.I woke up in the middle of the night..and immediatly just started praising God..for givinghis son for us…I know that even if it were for only me..he would have..because he loves me that much. I am so thankful I have a direct link and I can just wake up in the middle of the night and praise him. I don’t have to wait for something special or have an intersessor.We sang a song in Church today that was just so beautiful( I actually have it on CD) and I just sobbed because it just speaks to me.I have listened to itmany times…but today it had a deeper effect on me…funny how that happens right?

Anyway those are the things I want to remember…Not the fact that I could hardly get out of bed this morning..cause I didn’t sleep well. I had to fight with Clarissa about what she wore to church…and that Preston looked like he hadn’t showered in a week once we got to church either. LOL.let’ slap a bit of reality on my day..right? The good thing is..Jesus Doesn’t care about such superficial things..I am thankful for that!

The sermon today was given by a new pastor in training.I think he was nervousbut he had a good message.But I think he was so nervous it was hard for me to stay tuned….at everypoint he was trying to make..and I kind of felt like it was all stuff I understood. Which is perfectly ok. Becuase not everybody in the congregation is going to understand or know what I know…it’s our job to teach what we know…and listen to things we don’t know. It’s always good to have a refresher as well.I know God..I know what he is about…and I love him. If I always look to him and not to me..life will always begood.I also have to try to find God in everything..in every situation..and know that heis always there…..because if he wasn’t, life would be pointless.

Since we celebrated our Easter last night..today is a relax day..so that means….quilting for me..and Rob is going to start working on his hobby car. He only has a few months before harvest..so if he doesn’t start now ..he will have to wait until Fall. During harvest he works long hours sometimes 6-7 days a week. He is so tired he doesn’t work on anything else…so now is the time.

I hope you all ahve a wonderful holiday. Be blessed!

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