Easter Eggs

Kathy is a local quilter. I worked at the shop when she and a bunch of gals from my bank took their first quilt class. They all do a great job and picked up on it right away. 🙂IMG_8479

I know this pattern came from a magazine …I own it but I can’t tell you which one or which year? But I remembered because I thought it was adorable at the time.

I had fun going and stitching around the appliques but also adding fun designs to each egg and the areas around it.IMG_8480 IMG_8481

I had to deliver this to Beth this morning for binding …so I had to take the best pictures I could get at the time….and lighting wasn’t all that great. But this will provide a sneak peak at least until it goes back home. Just in time for the holidays…..Unlike what I do which is finish the quilts just after the holidays for which they are intended…story of my life. LOLIMG_8482 IMG_8483

Thanks Kathy! It was a pleasure working with you! I know your table runner will be a great hit!

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