Droopy Basset Hound Rescue

This quilt was a joint effort for many people who help with a Basset Hound Rescue. This is going to help with fundraising efforts.



The enter panel was found on FB. It’s a hand painted panel. Beautiful job! They decided to make it into a quilt…so Sharon worked on that adding several borders. She did an amazing job. She said she was a newbie…and again I am happy to report that I would have never known she was a newbie. She is a quilter! Everything was great!




I love all of the colors and the borders…it just adds so much to the quilt.

I quilted in A feather, swirls, continuous curves, & Charisma Curls. It finished up so nicely. I think it will earn a great donation!


IMG_9829 IMG_9830 IMG_9831

Thanks Ladies! It was a pleasure working with you! Many blessings!




One thought on “Droopy Basset Hound Rescue

  1. love love this quilt. I would like to know if you could send me the information on the Basset hounds center of the quilt. Would like to make it for my daughter, for her 50th birthday

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