Dresden Fans

043Dresden Fans was sent to me by Norma. Norma is a fabulous quilter and she has taught her daughter who is also a very fabulous daughter. I call her daughter “The Cool Kid ” of quilting because she seems to be in the “know” of all the fabulous designers and projects out there…i have no idea how she keeps up. LOL

044 045Norma isn’t a fan of feathers…which works out perfectly well because Charisma Curls Complimented this perfectly.

046 047The pastels against that 30’s green is always beautiful. Soft, sweet and comfortable.

048Thanks Norma! Always a pleasure working with you! I have one coming back to you this week as well. 🙂

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Dresden Fans

  1. My mom took this to Florida with her to put in her guilds quilt show & maybe sell!
    It’s coming home to me!! I want it to remember my mom!!

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