Dream Big

Jan sent me this panel. Truth be known I have several of these panels in several color ways….Do I have time to quilt  my own? LOL

This panel is so popular that they now have them in 108 inch size….crazy! I saw one at Market last may.

These pictures had to be taken inside because the weather was so yucky at the time…so I don’t have the best photos.

I quilted all sorts of designs and mainly feather variations to bring it all together and give this flower big texture. It was so fun watching this come to life as I was working on it.

I love how it seem so dimensional when you look at it. Simply Beautiful. I was thankful Jan sent this to me so I could actually get one quilted. 🙂

The back: Just as pretty!

Thanks Jan!

Thanks everyone for hanging in with me. I have so many things going on….it’s just busy.



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