Dr Seuss!

029I can’t say it enough how much I love Dr. Seuss……who has he not inspired?

I used several quotes from Dr. Seuss in my quote quilt and my kids have all of his books.

Sue sent this fun quilt and I was so happy to quilt it because I could use a bunch of fun designs to go with the happiness of it all.

030 031I used double bubbles, lines, loops, squiggles, and basically anything and everything to go with the fabrics.

032aren’t those balloons fun?


Here’s the back:

034Sue has a few more that I will post tomorrow. Thanks so much Sue! Always a pleasure working with you!

I hope you all have a Super Fun day!


3 thoughts on “Dr Seuss!

  1. Thanks for showing my quilt. My grandson will start preschool in August. I wanted to make this for him for his first day. I also have a book “Oh The Places You’ll Go” for him. I plan to have his teachers write something in it each school year. It will then be given to him upon graduation. Love all the different quilt designs Charisma did on this. As we all know, she is the BEST!!!

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