Downton Abbey Revisited

So I made this semi-hideous quilt from my DA fabrics.  I will claim it because well….we can’t have a home run every time. Right?



I explained this before. My friend Sally and I were discussing different patterns for these DA FQ’s which were mostly mediums….We both knew they would be difficult…sometimes you just have to swing…even if it is a miss. LOL I am anxious to see what her looks like after she is finished..she chose a different pattern.



I originally wrote about my quilt here. So I copied a quilt I had seen in a movie. Lincoln. Very inspiring movie and I loved the scene in which that quilt was featured. Anyway….I decided to quilt it with a baptist fan design. I wanted something old fashioned looking ….and baptist fans are my GOTO design in these situations. I like the movement and even coverage.  I used the template from Loricles. They are a great company and make those baptist fans easy to quilt. However I must admit that this quilt was a problem from start to finish for me…I just couldn’t get myself in the zone. If  a problem went went wrong on this quilt. 🙂 We all have those every now and again don’t we?


IMG_0982 IMG_0983


I used DA labeled fabric on the back of my quilt as well….it’s purely DA fabric by Andover. I am happy to have it all finished and ready for a Season % marathon!  IMG_0980

It’s good to have a finish….and I will absolutely make this pattern again in different contrasting fabrics so you can see all 125 5 inch stars I made..rather than having them all blend in. 🙂 So far from perfect…..but finished is great!



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