Downton Abbey Dominos

At the beginning of the year I wanted to do a BOM with everyone just taking blocks from the internet and making something each month…I didn’t get much interest…just the first month and I had always loved this block because I love the way they come together…so I chose this free block from Quilter’s cache, Here.


Tammy sent a few blocks she has made a few of these blocks….but I made 97 of these blocks and used 3 from her….so 100 blocks and I added a border to frame it all in and also make it a nice queen sized quilt.


Many of the fabrics were from my stash of Downton Abbey fabrics. Then I just mixed in more from my stash to finish off the blocks. I think you all know how DOWNTON ABBEY captivated me….I am so sorry that series has ended. But I have the full collection to re-watch…because I am crazy like that.

206I quilted it with all over baptist fans because it’s a traditional design to go with my more traditional fabric choices. I have to think about the baptist fans sometimes because they make a non-directional quilt…directional. But in this case I was willing to make that compromise because it’s my quilt and I really like baptist fans. 

207 208

Here’s the back:

209I chose a simple muslin because that’s also very traditional. Also because I was lazy and didn’t want to piece scraps or stash for this ginormous quilt! 

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!


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