Double Wedding Ring

Jolinda made this quilt. It’s beautiful! WOWZA! I had two DWR quilts this week. This one is king size the other was baby size. 🙂 That’s pretty rare because they are difficult patterns. 🙂IMG_7904


I love the color palette. It took me a bit to decide how to quilt….there are so many ways. I have quilted several but I wanted to change it up and I am happy with the results.IMG_7905

I wonder if she is keeping this? I didn’t think to ask. I am not sure I could part with one so labor intensive….not to mention beautiful. IMG_7906

IMG_7907 IMG_7908

The white backing shows the quilting so well. IMG_7909 IMG_7910

She also made a NYB wall hanging. I forgot to take pictures before I shipped it. I am sorry I did that because it was so beautiful. DARN! Maybe she will take some after it arrives back home. I quilted it last week and thought I had already taken pics…but I guess I didn’t.

Silly Me!


Thanks Jolinda! Its’ fabulous working with you! Blessings



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