Donna’s Urban Abacus

Donna has been a die hard traditional quilter. I think she had every single cut of Moda’s Kansas Troubles fabric since they started making fabric. After about 100 KT quilts..she has decided to branch out a bit and she has been making some modern quilts….I love all of the quilts she has made so far….I am not even a BLUE lover…but This quilt is so beautiful. The colors just POP right off of the quilt.

IMG_2034This is a Sew Kind of Wonderful Pattern. You can buy it Here.

It uses the quick Curve ruler. I love that ruler and the many patterns that they make to use with it. It’s pretty amazing. 🙂 I am not a ruler or gadget that tells you something.

IMG_2035I quilted straight lines…nothing says modern more than straight lines. The fabrics were so busy and there wasn’t much white space so an all over seemed the best option…and straight lines…going the same direction and the abacus ..seems perfect.

IMG_2036Here’s the back:


Thanks Donna! I hope you have a super fabulous time binding all of these projects!



One thought on “Donna’s Urban Abacus

  1. I love how you quilted this. And it’s going to be one of my fav quilts because two of the blue pieces were leftovers from THE wedding quilt. Thank you again.

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