Donna’s Quilts

Here is the funny thing…I quilted for 3 separate Donnas’ this week. No joking! So the next couple posts will be a second Donna…a different Donna from the last post’s…and this Donna actually had 5 quilts….so  she will have a few posts.

So here are the first few…..This purple one is for a niece. She will see her on thanksgiving. But this niece had noticed that everyone in the family had a quilt except for her….so Donna used her favorite color and whipped this little beauty together. I think she will love it…don’t you?


I treated the blocks to their own separate designs…outlined them with a fern and added some swirls here & there.

IMG_0481 IMG_0482 IMG_0483 IMG_0484

The quilting shows best on the back… was a solid purple backing. Beautiful!

This second one is a tabletopper….so fabulous! Just a little bit of a tropical feel.


She also made this pink floral quilt.

That focus fabric is really beautiful…..

IMG_0485 IMG_0486

I quilted all over flowers and vines.

IMG_0487 IMG_0488

Everything is coming together so nicely! Donna does a great job!

Thanks so much Donna G! It’s been a pleasure working with you!



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