Donna’s Dainty Quilt

Dainty as in pretty and soft…not small…It’s not small. IMG_5424

Donna is a friend of mine. She hosted a bible study at her house every Tuesday for years that I had attended. She wasn’t a quilter back then…but she decided in her 70’s she would take up a new hobby. She does so well..and she chooses fabulous color combinations. I love all of her quilts. She’s made one for each of her kids…and a few of her grands. IMG_5425

This one is one for her own bed. It’s so soft and pretty..which showcases the quilting designs really well. I used Charisma Curls, feathers, wreaths and leaves. very romantic…typical of my style…and I love it! Of course. I have even used a few of these same fabrics myself. 🙂IMG_5426 IMG_5427

ThanksDonna! Love you!IMG_5428



One thought on “Donna’s Dainty Quilt

  1. wow – those feathers and swirls or fans, or whatever you call ’em, in the brown patches are simply BEAUTIFUL and absolutely GORGEOUS. You are one talented lady, my friend…

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