Doll Quilt Swap

HI friends,

I have been I love with Doll quilts since I first saw one. Now all of these mini quilts seem to be making a HUGE appearance on-line.

So I thought I would host a Doll Quilt swap on Facebook.   I will be assigning partners on the 5th of each month and quilts need to be sent out by the 28th of each month to your partner.

Here are the guidelines:

Some details:
~All quilts should be no smaller than 12×12 & no bigger than 24×24. Any size in between.

~ They need to be finished quilts (quilted bound ect) (they can be finished however you feel comfortable.)

~ We can choose a theme or not.

~ We must post the photos of our finished and received quilts. We all love the photos)

~ This will be a monthly swap. If you have a particularly busy month then you can jump out…and jump back in the next month. Communication is key.

~ Let’s have FUN! No Stress!

There are all levels of quilters from beginners to more advanced. So there is no need to worry about anything.


Here are some samples of doll quilts:

Here and Here and Here.

The last one has a free download on he side bar….but if you go to her can see tons of examples.

You don’t have to buy a pattern. You can use an orphan block from another project. You can do improv piecing, embroidery, applique…whatever your heart desires. Fun no Stress…easy peasy! Let me know if you would like to join.




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