Doggie Power

016Doggie Power was sent by Julie. I have quilted many for Julie…..she always does a great job. I may be able to meet her in person soon. 🙂 YAHOO!!

This is machine embroidery ….it makes me want to learn how to use my machine. haha!

017 018 019I quilted lots of fun whimsy designs and dog bones….:)

This shaggy dog is my favorite one…he’s so cute!

020I love the bright colors too!

021I love dogs too!

Thanks Julie! Always a pleasure!

Thanks for looking everyone! I hope you enjoyed the quilt.



6 thoughts on “Doggie Power

  1. Our LQS owner did this one up and raffled it off, with the proceeds being donated to the local no-kill shelter. There’s a cat one, as well, and she got permission to blow up one of those outlines and use it as a basis for a challenge for her customers. Was a lot of fun! I did a Mer-Cat (mermaid cat) and then gave it to the shelter for them to raffle off or use as a prize, as I’m not really a big cat fan. You both did a great job on this one!

  2. How neat! I AM a cat person, and would love to see it, too. I had a good giggle when I saw “WOOF” embroidered on the quilt. Know it was gratefully received for the raffle.

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