DJ BLocks

Oooops! I was going to post this on my last post but forgot. I would go back and edit..but I have a bad experience anytime I do that always erases everything and I am just defunct when it comes to this type of stuff…so rather than be frustrated I will just make a new post.
So I am not making any certain pattern with my DJ colors..they will just have kona white background and bright happy colors everywhere. Classic Charisma.

The yellow pineapple one is my favorite so far….I will have to be careful with the yellow because a little yellow goes a long way..but I LOVE yellow. Notice I used some blue? Blue is something I don’t use a lot of and I bought lots of blue materials to use…counteract the pink and yellow? Maybe. we won’t know until it’s all finished.

2 thoughts on “DJ BLocks

  1. I love the bright colors! Love all the past entries on the blog but for some reason it wont let me post even with the password..ugh…miss talking to my friend..but at least I get to read all about your days and adventures.Hugs T

  2. I too, need to de-clutter my life. I look around and think, “When I’m dead and gone, my kids are just going to have to throw all this away!” So why do I hang on to all this stuff? It feels better knowing I’m not the only one struggling with his. Thanks for posting about it.

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