Diamonds in the Sky

Bev dropped off this quilt and gave me free reign to quilt how I wanted. She said it was going to be a wall-hanging so heavy was acceptable.



YAY! I love those projects. I saw diamonds right away…some of the prints had a tribal type feeling to them …and diamonds just spoke to me

010I love how you can completely change the look of a pattern or quilt with quilting. I used a gold metallic thread because many of the fabrics had metallic weaved in as well. Just an added extra touch..especially in that border. It worked out to beautifully.

009 008I wanted to add in a bunch of different textures in those center rectangles to bring more life into the quilting. 🙂

006 007This will be in the Wenatchee Quilt show ….Which is in September…so if any locals want to see it up should be there. 🙂 YAY!

The back:

011Thanks Bev! Thank you all for looking!





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