Deb’s Pink StarZ

This quilt is HUGE! Deb made this for her daughter…and asked for a loose type quilting because her daughter doesn’t really like quilts……huh? That doesn’t really compute? Not like quilts?….hmmmmm. That’s kind of sacrilegious..isn’t it? hehe.


She wanted it to stay fluffy and lofty ( cause she likes comforters)… a bigger all-over design was in order. I couldn’t just quilt over the stars…so I used continuous curves on those…..Actually I thinkan all over design worked out well because Ihave noticed with black and white quilts the quilting kind of gets lost…..and an all over design suits them….in many cases anyway.

But those pink stars are the icing…right? I am crazy about pink so of course I would say that! Deb did a beautiful job piecing thequilt andshe is a pleasure to work with! Thanks so much!

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