Debra’s quilts

Debra lives in WA state…just on the other side of the state. She is prolific…and sends me quilts pretty regularly. always beautiful projects. This time around she had a beautiful Dresden…and some fun quilts.

The dresden had me stumped for awhile. It’s made from all very rich, elegant metallic prints….and I just felt anything I quilted would compete with the fabrics/pattern. That is hard for me because I don’t want to take over another person’s quilt.

So I quilted an all over swirl except the dresden I custom quilted.

The “I Spy” quilt is super cute!

Then this is the Christmas panel…cute door hanger..right?

One thought on “Debra’s quilts

  1. You accented that Dresden just perfectly! I am always stumped on how to quilt pieced blocks & I always, always, always end up with simple in the ditch…and I always disappoint myself, because there’s just never the POW! that comes from viewing one of yours. I did my very first EVER, not in the ditch the other day, and while it was still straight line, at least it was something different! Thank you for being the inspiration you are!!

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