Day&Night SquareDance

well you all knew it was coming ..right? Another square dance pattern….Deb peiced this Day & Night pattern…I believe it’s by Eleanor Burns…I have quilted it before…it’s always a striking pattern no matter what color’s that whole fracture that happens with the dark and light….Beautiful. Deb wante dteh squaredane pattern…so I practiced earlier…and felt confident that I could use the design on a customer quilt. All of my boys thought this quilt was AWESOME!

So I am sure her grandson will also think the same thing….


Following a pantograph ( which I still have never done…and probably won’t) seems like torture to me..the templates from loricles are really easy but you still have a learning curve to them…it’s not as easy as it looks..for me anwyay..I have to put myself in the right frame of mind. It’s good for designs that you can’t do on your own….there is no way I could do this type of design freehand…but it is also my form of krytonite because I can’t make them as fluid and natural looking. So I think I am weak because of that…what I realized is tha everyone else has the same issues..LOL so It’s OK. It’s really ok.

The quilt is really striking and I think thisis one of my newfavorite templates…I have to try a few others I have….clam shells shouldbe next up..don’t you think?

anyway …Thanks somuch Deb for making me think outside the box….and getting square dance up and running!



One thought on “Day&Night SquareDance

  1. Don’t thank me THANK YOU!

    This is perfect! I just could not afford to customize it and did not want a girly design for a boy quilt. So this was the next best thing. I think it turned out great.

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