Day Two……Wow I love my new blog!

OK so do you hear the tunes? YAY! you can turn them off of course…lots of Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble…My Favs!

Well today I didn’t get a lot accomplished..I felt like. I was going back and fourth between computer stuff….quilting…phone calls…meals and pushing the boys to get the room finished..and guess what?? Molding is up and painted..their sofa is in there. rob is currently getting all of their TV’s and electronics hooked up….For those who don’t know the plan…I have 4 boys they have two rooms…every other year ( it seems) they switch up room mates..or arrangements. So now they have decided they will keep 2 sets of bunk beds in one room with all dressers…and then have a media room for all of their “stuff” They have a TV for video games..and one for TV-movies. This new set up will keep them from having to compete with each other..have enough room for the wii…and whatever else. plus have a place to entertain their friends without their beds and stuff getting all messed up. That will be nice. They are taking much more pride in making their beds and getting everything more organized.

Tomorrow is Sunday..we don’t get much done on Sundays…you know how that goes…but the boys will be coming back home tomorrow we can empty out some more stuff and get the family room ready to paint.YAY! But there is already such a big improvement for the floors…they are so easy to clean and it smells so much nicer down in our basement. Between dog accidents and smelly boy socks…carpet was not a good combination for the boys’ rooms. It’s like roses now. I wonder how long that will last?

We need to get everything in order..Carl’s birthday is just around the corner…and he wants to have his friends come over. Carl is turning 14. He is gifted intellectually…he is also a very gifted artistically and a sensitive boy. But socially he is “different” …the really good thing though is that he has a core group of friends…Carl told me that they each have “weird things” …and he even recognized that is probably why there were all friends. See how insightful he is? Anyway…he hardly has guests. I think it is stressful for some of his friends. Bryce my oldest son is a “popular,” critical boy that (I think) causes issues for Carl’s friends to come over. When they realize Bryce will be here they don’t want to come over..or some of them just have their own social oddities and don’t stray far from home. So Carl will go there from time to time…..but he doesn’t ask very often to go else where.
Anyway so getting back to the party…..he wants to invite his friends over ..he is so proud of his new room and all the work he has put in….I think it’s cute……er I mean “cool”.

Well I need to finish another quilt…have a great night!

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