Danyel’s Quilt

Danyel is so inspiring.

She is a strong minded woman who takes care of herself. She has taken up running…which I am supposed to be doing so we can do it together. She has never gotten the “runner’s high” that people speak of….but she does it anyway. I wish I could be that strong. LOLIMG_7212

We met through a mutual friend….and she started reading my blog & we started chatting then she bought he first sewing machine. Isn’t that fabulous? This is her third quilt and I have quilted all of her quilts. I am so honored.  Although I feel like a bad friend because I don’t communicate as much as I should ( sorry Danyel) …..Maybe I will get my act together. All of my friends know how bad I am at that.  I used to be really good…..as I get older not so much. IMG_7213 IMG_7214

Anyway I quilted all over swirls. It’s with Beth right now getting binding. It will be back in time for Christmas…yahoo! I know this is a gift for a special someone…It looks Great D! IMG_7215

Many blessings Girly!

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