Danyel’s Cross Quilt

Danyel used my tutorial to make her own Cross quilt.

045I love this quilt …it’s just such a special quilt to me and I am so glad that many of you love it too. I love when I get pictures of the ones that people have made….it’s amazing!

I quilted Danyel’s….and I wish I could have gotten better pics. I put in 4 bible verses. feathers….and continuous curves. IN the cross I put random straight lines to represent the Whips Christ took for us.

046 047 048What better day to share this quilt than Today. Christmas day. HIS Birthday.

049 050I am so thankful the Savior was born to save us. Please take a moment on this busy day to thank him as well…Wish him a happy Birthday. Lets not forget why we are celebrating today.

Thanks Danyel! I hope you have a beautiful holiday!



2 thoughts on “Danyel’s Cross Quilt

  1. Beautiful and as Charisma said….how best to glorify him on Christmas Day. A lovely rendition of the Cross Quilt.

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