Dancing Nines

This is one of my own…but I didn’t piece it. Annette pieced it from my scraps….she is AMAZING!! I quilted it awhile ago and forgot to take pictures of it. It’s been sitting in my studio waiting for me to cut bindings for it…then I deliver it to me dear friend Beth. She is still working on bindings from last year..poor gal. I totally swamped her.

So this is a free Bonnie Hunter pattern you can find it here.

052Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with work projects ….and having to focus so much I need a simple project to load on the frame to kind of decompress.  Nothing with pressure..simple designs ect. So I like having some of those around. I just love Bonnie Patterns too. for some reason she breaks things down so nicely that you can use what you have…and also feel like you accomplish something fabulous. Annette does amazing things with my scraps whether she makes up her own patterns or not.

051So I quilted simple loops and continuous curves….. it honestly didn’t take me long to quilt this..I did it all in one shot…and I even shocked myself by how fast it went.

050I love looking at all of the scraps in the quilts..I can see so many projects.

048 049And here’s the back:

I found a bunch of yardage on sale at the beginning of the year…so I bought a bunch to use for backs:

053Thanks Annette! I love my quilt!

Blessings to all of you!

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