Curve it up Sampler

Donna taught a class last year ( or the year before) at our LQS on this Quick Curve ruler ….I have this pattern..but have not made it, Of course.


However, I have quilted a few of these quilts….and they have all been beautiful. Donna’s in so exception.

024I quilted it in my typical sampler fashion of quilting each block differently and creating tons of textures.

025 026 027

028I quilted infinity, stipple, loops, swirls, ribbons, continuous curves…..anything and everything. 🙂

029 030 031Purple is Donna’s favorite color if you can’t tell? haha! I will be showing another of her quilts tomorrow. 🙂 which is also purple.

I hope you all have a great day!

Many Blessings!




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