CRAZY week!

This has just been a crazy week!

I have not gotten even half of what I need or want to get done….accomplished. I have had Dr. & dentist appointments every day …Our dentist is about 30 minutes away and we have spent several hours each morning there….so then I have to get my kids lunch and make a date outof it before I send them back to school…right?

By the time I would have dropped Clarissa & Cole off today they would have been at school for only 2 hours ( or less) so I just let them stay home. Our Dentist Bill for Jan & Feb out of pocket is pretty steep…and then one of them needs braces. We all need them for cosmetic reasons & overbite reasons. I can’t afford those. But Cole actually needs them because of the way his bite is..he is grinding his teeth pretty badly. So I have to come up with those funds. That’s very stressful. But that’s a big family thing…..and just every day life.

I have not been sleeping hardly at all…..I am going to start taking a natural agent so I can get some rest. I feel sick most mornings and sometimes I even throw up for my lack of sleep. It’s not a good thing. I have been praying and asking for rest. I am experiencing a bit of burnout which happens this time of year…but I think I have some unrest in my soul. We are still struggling with our oldest daughter. I am not losing sleep over that stuff though. It’s all done. I have accepted that she wants to hold herself back. She is going to enter her second quarter of college taking high school classes. She isn’t getting any college credits & it’s a complete waste of time. She didn’t contact us for Thanksgiving…..the last time she was here all she did was lie. Then she tried to get her brother to lie to us as well. But thankfully he wasn’t going to do that. Rob & I had plenty to say about that.  She is also complaining about having to pay her copay for birth control? Seriously? If you can’t afford it than don’t engage in that activity? It’s part of responsibility. But Who am I? It’s to exhausting to think about or waste time on. So I am just letting Rob handle all of it. He can separate himself better than I can…..I haven’t given up per se……but I just don’t have time to waste. When she figures things out I will engage.

Then I got home from the dentist and tried to rest a bit. On my Facebook today my friend, Penny posted a music video. She knows me so’s so me. I can’t think of another song that describes me so well. If I had to sit in an office again I would go STIR CRAZY!  The Song is called “PocketFull of Poetry” 

You can watch the music video on that link. 🙂 I am totally in love with the song. I actually like most of her music. I used to have a playlist on this blog with all of this happy indie type music. I miss that. 🙂 But those of you who were fans of that will like this as well.

I am so excited for this weekend. One of my Besties, Carla is coming for the weekend. Clarissa has her winter ballet recital. We are going to do some baking, talking, sharing. I will need to do some quilting because I am so behind. So probably Sunday.  Rob & the boys have been working on little jobs each night. Paint touch ups. We had paint matched for our entry way. I am going to go match paint for the upstairs living room. I was thinking of repainting everything….with new colors. But I have been looking at color stories and swatches.But I can’t go with any lighter colors while the kids are home. I have tried that and in all the main areas we really need darker colors that will hide dirt and hand prints ect. When I think of changing I can’t find a combo I like better than the one I have.  I just decided to wait to re-do everything until the majority of the kids leave home or I find something I like better… a few years. LOL. So touch ups will be quick easy & cheap. Rob patched a bunch of holes and touched up the family room & entry way. So we can hang the rest of the stuff in the family room. Then this weekend will be touch ups in living room, cleaning out the dryer tubes….we don’t need to start a lint fire. Plus we have a few odd jobs that need to be cleared up. It feels good to get this stuff done & breathe easy. I can’t stand the disorder. My office is driving me crazy. But I know it will take so much time …& once I start it I won’t be able to leave it. So I have to wait until my work load is in better shape.

We also went grocery shopping & did some light Christmas shopping tonight. We needed to buy presents for Landon. So the boys & Rob picked those out. They also bought their white elephant gifts for Christmas eve. Which is our tradition. Fun times.

It’s always an experience shopping with these guys. Lordy-Lordy!

Preston was experiencing some red face. I kept asking him if he was having hot flashes that continued with the red face. It seemed ever corner we turned in the store Preston had a girl or a group of girls saying “Hi Preston”…..”Hey Preston” …”Oh look there’s Preston” haha! This is a common thing for him. He walks home with several girls and has ac rush on several girls. I will have to lock him up soon. Very soon.

The gifts that these guys pick out to buy are always so funny and there always has to be some kind of prank involved or it’s not a good gift. 🙂

Anyway That’s the skinny around here. Lots of activity and work. I look forward to some rest and hope that the season is being kind to all of you.



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