Well this is another Bonnie Hunter pattern called “Crabapples.” The pattern is located in her book called Adventures with leaders & enders.


I decided on this quilt because I had several 1.5 inch strips cut & ready to go from my scrap bin. IN fact I had them back from when I completed Tumalo Trail…..Yes, it’s been that long. About 6 months ish? Anyway I was able to use the strips I pulled for that for my W&G quilt and for this one. I am finally out of scrappy strips for that. Well not completely out…I will just have to do some more scrap bin sorting to get more. 🙂

I really didn’t want to have to throw them back into the bin…because then you know…you have to re-press them….measure them ect. It’s best just to use them.   That’s my philosophy anyway.



I used scraps for the the blocks and little 9 patches. But when I was searching through my stash to find sashing & setting triangle fabrics ..I stumbled upon this little bundle of fabrics I bought several years ago.  They were all in greens, light blue, and browns….I thought they might be ok to add to this quilt. They all had a “nature” type theme to them with birds, leaves, branches. I thought I could make them work. Eh…it looks ok. I was happy to use up fabric that was old and hadn’t inspired anything.

IMG_2009I decided to add a couple of extra borders just so I could use up a majority of this fabric I have…it worked. It took some magic….but it all worked out. I just have a few cuts left and I am happy with teh end result. Plus who doesn’t like a bigger quilt?


There is paper piecing in this quilt as well as regular piecing. I have quilted one before. My friend Felicia sent one a few summers ago..I had loved hers…and knew one day I would make one. It’s just so charming.

IMG_2010I love Bonnie Hunter patterns..they are simple and easy to use….and you always feel like you accomplished something great when you are finished. NOt to mention I used a lot of scraps …once again.

IMG_2008 IMG_2007I am not yet sure how I will quilt it. I am running out of time on my vacation. So I doubt it will get quilted anytime soon. 🙂 But It was fun to be able to sit & sew a few quilt tops while I was down. It’s actually been awhile since I have been able to sew. I had been so busy trying to get everything done and sending my son off….then surgery. Of course I will probably be so busy for the rest of the year…that I am sure any time I get won’t produce must results. So having this little bit of time was nice for me.

I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!




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