CrabApple Hill A to Z Christmas

Deb made this for her Bestie Ruth for Christmas. I think they spend Thanksgiving together so she gifted it to her on TG so that Ruth could enjoy it for this Christmas season. Isn’t that sweet? IMG_6898

I think I want Deb to be my friend. That is a lot of work and it’s beautiful. Pictures don’t do it justice. I am a big fan of Crabapple hill embroidery projects. I have not been to one single quilt show where there wasn’t one displayed. From small town shows to big shows. Their patterns. I also loved their booth at Spring market when I went…they had two actually with completely different themes…both were beautiful. IMG_6899

I have quilted several quilts for Both Deb & Ruth and they are great gals!

Deb requested echoing in the squares, holly in the red border and snowflakes in the green border. I think it looks great! Her work is really the crowning glory ( as it should be) and I am happy to be a part of such a special gift. IMG_6900

I hope you are all having a great holiday season! Many Blessings!  IMG_6901

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