Cozy Christmas Quilt

1009So it is no secret that I LOVE applique quilts…..but I was not blessed with mad skills and patience to do needle turn applique ( I will have to master it someday…today is not the day) and I asked my Fb friends what is their favorite method of machine applique.

I have always fused and then just sewn around the edges on the long arm…which works fine for wall hangings and such but if you are going to wash a quilt….then it will get the raggedy edges….and in some cases that is fine. But in some cases I don’t want that. So I wanted to figure out another way.

1007 1008

So I decided to try Lori Holt’s way of applique. She has a you tube video and several tutorial on her blog. Why not try her method while also working on one of her sew alongs….although I am a terrible sew along person because if I always have the pattern I am just going to do the whole thing….why wait?

This is her Cozy Christmas quilt pattern…the pattern is free…but that’s kind of a question…because you have to pay 30$ for the templates. so it’s not free…it’s just the advertising¬† hook they get you to look…I was already aware of this because of the last quilt along. The designers have to make their money ..I get it but why hook you in with a free pattern ..just to charge you for the pieces you need to make it? whatever. I don’t care…I wanted the pattern and to make the quilt.

1010 1011

So I will say I really liked her method of applique..I used my machine to do an applique stitch and I played with different threads to see what I liked. It looks so nice…But I think it’s because all of the pieces are bigger and chunkier..if they were smaller I might struggle a bit more. But I think that is probably true of any applique technique. So I think this pattern is a perfect pattern to try out your skills. the blocks go together quickly as well.

1012 1013

I didn’t know how my experiment was going to turn out So I didn’t want to invest a ton of nice fabric into it….so I thought i would use some of the fabrics I had from some of Rob’s old shirts that I had cut up a long time ago. They were the right colors and I thought they seemed cozy to me. I also used an old pink denim romper fabric for the backgrounds & sashings. So the only fabrics I used from my stash were the white background and the outer border….I didn’t buy anything for this quilt…..which feels great! ( except the templates)

1014 1015Then I quilted pebbles around my applique and fun designs every where else. All of the fabrics were stripes & plaids…that I used in the blocks and applique ( mostly) and I found that perfect teal plain for the border….I loved it! I also also sure I got that on sale.

1016I didn’t get a picture I guess? But I used a Christmas green plaid flannel or the back….I have plenty of shirts left for more projects…I actually like them all together!

I hope you all have a blessed holiday season! Just around the corner!


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