“Cool Quilting Mom”

Sometimes it’s actually “Cool” to have a quilting mom.

Sometimes it’s not so cool because mom gets to be home all of the time and make sure the kids are doing what they are supposed to.

Sometimes it’s not so cool because mom’s work never goes away.

Sometimes it’s not so cool because mom’s stash takes over the house

Sometimes it’s not so cool because mom knows all the mom’s and grandmas in town so she can easily make a phone call and know what her kids are doing.


Sometimes it cool that to have a quilting mom because all the mom’s and grandmas know my mom.

It’s also cool that a quilting mom can help make a Homecoming proposal extra special. IMG_6464


Dances these days are quite the production. You can’t ask a girl to homecoming by just asking her. You have to make a production of it. Spend more money and “woo” them. I think it’s a bit ridiculous and the dang dance gets enough money as it is. But I can’t be that parent that says that…so I helped Bryce come up with a good idea to ask Demi.

I made these fortune cookies from fabric ( they were actually leftovers from a project Victoria and I made for Valentines day) . So Bryce took 7 of them. There are 7 periods in high school. So in each fabric fortune cookie she will have a message that says:

1. Will

2. You

3. Go

4. to

5. Homecoming

6. with

7. me? 🙂

Bryce is going to school early giving one to each of her teachers so in each class she will get a fabric fortune cookie with his message in them. IMG_6465 IMG_6466

Aren’t they adorable?

I used this tutorial.

Then at the end of the day he will present her with these to get his answer: IMG_6467

Roses. We should have gotten pink. I forgot to tell him that pink is her favorite color before he & Rob  left to go get them.

Oh well.

So I goofed around not doing work all day. Then I am spending half the night helping him come up with an idea dn being distracted..not getting any work done. It’s going to be a long night. But it’s worth it to be the “Cool” quilting mom for once.





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