So I am a moderator on a new quilting site:

I am hosting a give-away:
We made 100 members pretty quickly…..I am willing to offer up a ***FREE**** Long arm quilt job using an all over design from my loricle groove boards for a twin size quilt…..Once we reach 200 members.

You pay shipping to me..I will pay shipping back to you….YAY!

These are the designs I own:

After we reach 200 members I will do a drawing of all registered members and notify the winner!!!

Come join us for the fun!

5 thoughts on “CONTEST!!!!! YAY!

  1. How do I follow your new website? I wasn’t able to log in. Do I need to?
    I started reading your “crumbs” on the quilting board. I started at the beginning and read over 150 pages then couldn’t find it again to finish. I must admit, I thought I might “skim” read the next few hundred pages when I found out I had years of info to catch up on.
    You are such an inspiration to others yet humble and sharing. I first met you through the board and had you quilt one of my quilts recently. That is maybe 6 months ago. I have recommended you to others but that was before I got to know you. Now I would do mega marketing for you if you wanted it or needed it.
    Well, I’m not sure how to find this again, so hope you are having a beautiful day! You are so right to focus on enjoying your family now and in the future. You have all the credentials you need. I have multiple degrees and they never gave me any great satisfaction.

    1. HI Deb,
      Thanks so much for finding me! You don’t have to log in at this point. We are working on getting it set up for followers…it’s just that I am not computer savvy…and my IT guy is completely slammed….LOL. So we are in the works. YOu can book mark my site…but you would have to check it …rather than get automatic updates…for now.

      I hope that helps.
      Thanks for all your support.
      Have a blessed day!

    2. HI Deb, If you just put in your email…hit subscribe.. It will send your email address a confirmation…and you then you can confirm your subscription..
      I hope that helps.

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