The FABULOUS!! Darby has decided she LOVES to hear the hummmm of her fancy INNOVA quilting machine! She can’t stand to leave that thing in the OFF position…I love that kind of a gal! *wink*

So we are going to play a little game……whoever wins the game wins…….

Drum Roll Pleeeeessssseeeeeee…………………….


For all that don’t know Darby is a FABULOUS long arm quilter…she has done several of my quilts…and I have even used her on my team!

The terms of the quilting job are here:

“Design can vary from stipple, edge to edge, semi-custom either freehand or computer guided. Winner is responsible for shipping both ways, backing, batting and quilt top. The top can be no larger than 70×80.

How does all of that sound?


Here are some photos of quilts Darby has long armed for me personally…She does an AMAZING job and she doesn’t disappoint!

OK so the GAME…..

Name mine or Darby’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor in the comments…under this post.


Darby’s is a more common one…and as she said to me

“You are not only a fabric Snob ..but you are also an Ice Cream snob” LOL

I have two favorite flavors made by the same company…I hope that helps.

So the people that guess correctly will be entered into a drawing and we will draw a name…Sound good?

Leave a comment with ice cream flavors. Lets See?? We will make this contest go until Sunday!…so you have a couple of days to find out…..also notify all your quilting friends…..Free Quilting!

29 thoughts on “CONTEST!!!! YAY!!! FREE QUILTING!!!

  1. Hi, C!!
    So glad that I found you….wow your work still impresses me. Darby’s is great too!!
    I’m sure someone knows your favorite ice cream flavors…and Darby’s too!
    How are the boys doing with their LA skills? Still doing awesome, I’m sure and improving daily too. I still have to finish my king size quilt for you to long arm for me, maybe after Christmas…we shall see….lots of work to do still on remodeling the house (master bedroom is almost done!) send me an email any time setdsmom at yahoo dot com lots of love and hugs

  2. Hi C, I received your package today….girl I hope I measure up!!!!!! As for flavors hummmmmmmmmmmm
    Darby Chocolate and you my dear must be Pink so lets say cherry garcia and cookie dough, maybe strawberry (pink)… Blessings T

  3. Darby-chocolate
    Charisma-chunky monkey(it’s the only flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream I know)
    Enjoy seeing your work on your new site

    1. Oh I thought for sure someone had guessed yours…I don’t see it anywhere..Ooopps. I was wrong! Maybe it was emailed to me…LOL. So everyone knows..nobody has yet to guess Darby’s Favorite! However..many have guessed mine! LOL

      1. Oh I went back and found it! Yes one person Guessed Darby’s … now the race is on ….LOL. We have until tomorrow when I get home from Church to put in the right answers!

  4. Okay…. Darbys rethinking…. it is coffee

    Charismah…i am staying w dublin mudslide or cherry garcia

    Enjoy all the flavors …that is what i love about ice cream….something for everyone….

  5. Let’s see now…Darby, I’m guessing you like strawberry best, and Charisma, you’re a toughie! I’ll go with Cherry Garcia or some kind of coffe flavor from Ben & Jerry!

    Either way, the quilts are beautiful!

  6. ok so we get to list more than one…
    mint choc chip…rocky road..moose tracks and chunky monkey, butter peacan I love being from south lol..

  7. Cherry Garcia for Charisma and Vanilla for Darby. Charisma, I love your Blog. Are you no longer posting on QB or do I just not see you with the change of format?

  8. hi Charisma—-almost did’nt make it to put in by guess. but I may have inside information because we like so many of the same things. so….
    cherry garcia for you and for Darby….pecan parlaines or double chocloate chunk brownie.
    I love contests!!!!

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