Contest!!! Give Away!

Ok In the spirit of PINK! You know my favorite color??


I have decided to have a little give away! You know that little sign in my sewing studio that says “Material Girl”

I have another…so that could be yours!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

If you subscribe to my blog I will enter your name twice in the drawing…For every subscriber you bring to me I will enter your name as well…

Just tell them to leave a comment saying who referred them to my blog.

So they will be entered and so will you!

For the person with the most referrals…i will send you a special fat quarter bundle!


14 thoughts on “Contest!!! Give Away!

  1. Well Charisma–I know you are a pink material girl and so am I!!! We have a good time together. But then we know quite a few “material girls” don’t we?? I happen to think—all of us material girls are actually “material girl givers” because so much of what we actually make with the material is for someone else such as the foster kid backpacks, linus and single mom’s with kids who are in need. We are actually ” wonderful material girls!!!

    1. Hi SAb! Yes! I know..we are not good for eachother…or we are REALLY good for eachother..LOL. Cause we know how to shop!
      Yes…We do use our talents for good don’t we? I think Quilters are generous people in general!

  2. Hi Charisma –
    Just as long as you don`t give away the little pink pincushion that the sign is sitting on! Just kidding, I saw your earlier post about your sewing room. By the way, a friend and I are coming down from Alaska in March to go to the Sewing Expo in Puyallup- Any chance you will there working for Innova? Thanks again for the all the great posts- Laura

    1. Hi L, Of course not! I would never give away my little pink fact I can’t even stick pins in her..LOL She is just to darn cute!
      I am going to find out today if I am booked for that show..a few have asked…I can’t imagine not going to the show..unless they have a HUGE sponsor that doesn’t want Innova there. That has happened a few times. So I will let you know. Thanks!

    1. Hi C,
      Thanks! I got your message on the QB as well….Go ahead and send your next quilt whenever you are ready..I will get it done in January. YAY!

  3. Hello there Charisma!! So nice of you to have a drawing. One of these days I hope to meet in person…you know Im your number #1 fan 🙂 Im sure there are several quilters out there who would beg to differ {snicker}. I just love to see your work, you are so very talented. Cant wait to get my LA. Soon…I hope. Thanks again for sharing your talent with so many.

    Happy Quilting, Suebee

  4. Yep…we material girls love some PINK….just wanted to say hi and that still think of you daily and pray for you and family…you are like a part of my family now… And yes Suebee we are all #1 fans…lol. Site looks great.

  5. Love pink,…when my two daughters were little that was practically all I dressed them in……I still am in the habit of buying alot of pink clothes and now of course since I took up the quilting fabric..I guess I am a pink-a-holic..
    Love, love, love your quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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