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  1. Hello Charisma. I’m sort of new to the QB and have enjoyed all your postings. In fact I tried to post you a PM but it didn’t work. I was trying to tell you about a friend of mine I think you would be interested in meeting. I’ll tell you about her another time.

    I’m wondering if I can mail you a quilt and backing for you to quilt at your leisure? I just need it back by June 1. We can talk more if you are interested in doing this job. I was going to quilt it on my DSM but my shoulders are all of a sudden painful and I don’t want to irritate them both with fitting a quilt through the throat of my machine.

    I’m making plans to go to the Paulupaya (terrible sp!) Sewing Expo March 1. Will you be there? If not, I live across the border in a small town up BC and can mail it. I’ve seen your work and feel confident you will do your best.

    I’ll wait to hear from you.


  2. Hi C,
    I am amazed at how you have grown……I really laughed when you said take a picture of yourself in a bikini….Never had one and at the rate I m going I never will. Anyway just a note to tell you Sheila and I and my friend from Arkansas are starting our diet on Monday…you are welcome to join us. We are going to check in with each other every day……yes every day….I call Betty and report in(hhow my day went)….then I call Sheila….then I can call you just to encourage each other and maybe share a recipe and if we had a tough day….give each other a pep talk….you can follow any diet you want….we are doing Weight Watchers since we have been the most successful on it and our Dr’s all say it is the best. We would be happy to have you join us and yes I will call you every day…..not a long call we thought we would limit it to 10 min.Just let me know what time would be best for you if you want to just let me know. Huggs Judy

    1. Hi Judy,
      well thats sounds good. I am wondering though….are you paying for weight watchers? I don’t have any of the info. If so how much is the program? that means i have half a week to eat the rest of my christmas candy..then it will all be out of the house…HMMM..LOL. Sure I would like to be on the phone tree.

      1. Hi Charisma, I received your box of scraps this week. Thank you, It will take me a bit longer than I thought to make your quilt as my mom moved in with us two weeks ago, so all of my sewing room had to be moved to an upstairs bedroom, and all is a bit more challenging to quilt than it was before. I am however excited about working on this project and Mom loves to iron so she will get all of the scraps ready for me to cut :o) It will be fun to work with your fabrics!
        Thanks Again,

  3. Charisma,

    I have admired your quilting since I first saw it on the QB. I have a long arm myself but have struggled with tension issues. It has gotten so frustrating that I haven’t worked on the machine in over a year…but I long to be able to do the wonderful work you do…especially your feathers. I have tried different techniques for feathers but my back tracking skills aren’t the best so I’ve tried other techniques that I’ve read about. Can I ask what technique you use for your feathers? I wish there was some type of training techniques to familiarize new Longarmers with the types of patterns you need to master. I was just going at it trial and error and mostly “erroring” LOL. Do you have any tips, pointers or good resources that I could utilize? I just love seeing your work and dreaming that one day I could get that good. Oh I have a Nolting 18″.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Well first of all thank you for all your kind words.
      I apprecaite that.

      I am wondering what kind of tension issues you have? Maybe we can help you..there are probably severl nolting owners out there that can help??? anyone? anyone?

      As far as feathers…well it’s a funny thing…Because I have a sample of my very first feather hanging in my house..and it’s bad! Honestly it is BAD! I was just trying to quilt from one I had seen somehwere..Then the very first time I watched someone make one..A local quilter here It clicked and I got it. I have been making them ever since. But what I have noticed whil3 watching other people is that everyone makes a feather differently…it’s all in how your brain operates…I have tried several different techniques just because I think I need to fine tune several options…I always have a vein…..I start with my vein whether it is drawn on or whether I just make it with my machine…That is always mypoint of reference. Then I start from the bottom and work my way up one side…then I always have to go back down to where I started and work my way up again..I can’t work my way down…for some reason it’s like roller skating backwards..I couldn’t ever do it..LOL I could only skate forward..I can only make my plumes from the bottom up.
      Or i can do them side by side…and not make a vein at all…..or make each side and work my way up…but I still always have to start at the bottom of my plume and form it in the up direction…not the down. I don’t know if that makes sense to you? Eventually I hope o make soe tutorials..but I am just always behind..but I look up You-tube videos all the time for should check them out.

      I hope that helps.
      Let me know. I don’t mind helping at all.

  4. Charisma..Im sending you a quilt this week to do for me.. I hope to get it mailed out by Weds. You already quoted me a price of 85 including the shipping to and fro…I love the fabrics you received from your friend Brianna..Id love to try my hand at a scrappy quilt if you could see your way to sending me some of the fabric..
    Shelly Hoffman

  5. Hi charisma..first thanks for the scraps..just go t them this morning..
    Second box with 2 quilts coming your way..One is a Dr. Suess fabric..My only niece is having a baby first week in July…This is part of her gift along with 6 hardcover Dr. Suess books and a check for the baby..don’t know if its a girl or boy yet..The quilt is kind of whimsical so I’m sure you will come up with something sweet as a quilting pattern to use on it..
    Second is my Hawaiian fabric..I was thinking some of those lovely fern leaves but again I leave it in your hands..
    I’m getting in in the mail…There’s $140 enclosed..that’s probably not enough to cover it so please just write to me and I will send you the rest..
    Thanks so much..let me know when you get the quilts..
    Shelly Hoffman

  6. Hi Charisma…Sent you quilts and money on Saturday…Just wondering if you received the box..
    Shelly Hoffman

  7. Hi Charisma..I have a friend who would like some prices for stippling her quilts (no custom work on these) She would like individual prices so here goes the quilt sizes,
    61×79, 53×66, 50×58,47×67,58×58
    She also has table runners she would like done..5 that are 51×22 and one that is 34×23….Can you please let me the price for each of these items with and without binding and batting…
    She also was wondering if you accept credit cards..
    Thank you…If you can get thiese prices to me ASAP I can let her know..
    Thanks so much
    Shelly Hoffman

  8. Hi Charisma…I omitted one table runner when I asked you for price quotes on quilts and runners for my friend this morning..She has one other table runner that is 48×17…Can you give me a quote on that as well/
    Shelly Hoffman

  9. I am making a farmall tractor quilt for 2 sons it has panels in it and border print size is 102X91 ?And price for batting prices?I have never had any one quilt for me but I love your work. I don’t have a clue how to download pictures.Thanks for your time on price for quilting and .I will have backing cute and sewn and I will do the binding I enjoy the binding.Gayle

  10. Charisma – fabric came today…. I do have one question there are 3 rolls of fabric which are cut on the bias. I am not sure I would want to use this in a quilt top the strips are 2″ wide…….. what would you suggest????? Not trying to be a pain but do want the top to turn out good. Diane

  11. Love your work it is just beautful.I wanted to know if you rework a quilt that has been made.What I need is to make a quilt bigger. I have all the fabric,thread,batting.I hurt my back very bad and can not sit but for a few min at a time so my sewing has been put on hold. Thank you Jan

  12. Your work is outstanding. Youare truely gifted. I have made a quilt(113 x 114)I would like to have you quilt. I do not need it until the middle of Oct. Please tell how and where to send it.
    Thank you for your time.

  13. Hi Charisma,
    Just wanted to know if I could send you a baby quilt for quilting. It’s For my soon to be born Great Grandaughter. I would like it custom quilted, will send a letter with it with the details if its OK. I will send it to you on Fri. after I hear from you. Thank you Jackie spencer

  14. Hi Charisma,
    I sent you a quilt top. I just want to make sure when you return it that the address is correct, you have to add Bedford County between the street address and Moneta Virginia. I cannot wait to see what you can do with the Glacier Star. I hope you had a wonderful time at the quilt show it looks like an amazing show!
    Thank You !
    Sandy Miller

  15. Charisma, Haven’t see you on the quilters board in a few weeks, and sent you a PM with no response. Was worried. Is everything OK with you??

  16. Hi Charisma, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting with you and watching you work at the Expo Quilting Show in Portland. I played hookie from work that day hoping that I would be able to find you. What a great treat for me, and to meet the Wombats at the same time. Great day, and I was certainly smiling when i went back to work.
    You are indeed awesome! Your forever fan! Deanne Washburn, Portland

  17. I have the Falling Leaves quilt ready for some quilting before the leaves can be applied and then quilted again. I want to be able to enjoy it yet this Fall. It is a lap size and doesn’t need elaborate quilting at all since the leaves are large and will cover a lot of the quilting. What kind of turn around time it there—especially if I brought it to Ephrata? my number is 509-346-2514. Thank you so much. Donna Adams

  18. hi Charisma
    I’ve enjoyed your posts and blog. Now I have a question about your quilts. Do you turn your quilts to do the many sashings and borders? Also, if you do turn, does that affect the price you charge. I’m a new LA quilter and still do all work freehand so I want to be fair to both myself and my customers. Any help would be appreciated.

  19. Carisma..When are you headed to Haiti?? I haven not quilted recently but just read your blog..
    I have a 45×58 inch quilt I would like you to quilt for is for a dear friend who lost her 31 yr. old daughter to sarcoma of the mastoid bone in March..I need you to incorporate a piece of a tshirt into the backing..It was the daughter”s shirt when she went to Ohio State Univ….How much will you charge me for your custom made designs..
    BTW..I will be enclosing some Dr. Seuss fabric that you can have..I remembered that you like the Dr. Seuss motive..
    Please let me know ASAP as I would love to give this to her prior to NEw Years..
    Thanks so much
    Shelly hoffman

  20. I connected with your site on many levels. But the one that I wanted to mention was the fact that you are a longarm quilter. I need a quilt quilted that I have a fleece backing for by Christmas. Please let me know if you are interested.

  21. Hi, I sent two posts to you about the quilt with the fleece batting and so far I haven’t heard a reply. I am unsure of what to do, but I know I have to get it off to you if I want it done soon enough to be able to put the binding on and have it ready by Christmas. It is 50″by80″.
    Thanks Charisma,

  22. Hi Charisma..I just wanted you to know I popped a quilt in the mail for you to do today..I also put in a check..Please let me know if I owe you some more $..There is a note of explanation in the box about who this is for and the fate that fell her daughter..I would love if you could incorporate a piece of the Tshirt that was her daughters and a label into the backing..Also if you could quilt some hearts that would be fabulous!!
    Thanks for your fabulous work!

  23. Favorite Song at this time of the year (might not really be a Xmas carol but love the song as it is so appropriate for now) is “Many Things I Am Thankful For”)..I sing it with my kindergarten class and it brings tears to the eyes of parents and all who hear it..
    Anyways, happy holiday,Charisma!!

  24. could you please tell me what kind of thread you use, and what color because it looks like white on the back, do you use lots of different color or just one standard shade

  25. You did a cross quilt that was outstanding, but would like to know if you know where I can get that pattern?? I have never seen such beautiful quilting. Keep up the good work. Ginger 5/23/2013

  26. Hi Charisma..its been awhile..Just started sewing a bit again..I have a little quilt about 50×51 I’d like you to do..needs machine binding, batting and your custom touch..Can you run a price quote my way?

  27. Charisma, I have been admiring the quilt you made that was posted on the Quilting Board a while back and named Crème Brulee. I love that quilt!!!Do you mind sharing the pattern and line of fabric you used. All of your work is beautiful.

  28. Hi Charisma..Just checking on status of quilts I sent over 2 weeks ago..Did you get them and the check to cover the cost?

  29. Hello Charisma, would u mind letting me know where u are located, I don’t seem to see it on your site anywhere, thanks and I love your work!

  30. Charisma you quilt the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Can you tell me is your machine computerized to do this or is it manual. I have a juki and I like the machine but the most quilting I have done is meandering I have followed a pentagram a time or two. I would love to see you quilting do you have a u tube or video to show. Thanks I just appreciate your work so much.

  31. I am needing to decrease the number of emails that I am receiving so am requesting that you unsubscribe me. Your instructions are that I need to “log in” to change settings but I do not have any log in information for you site and do not see a place to log in even if I did.
    Could you please help me out with this?

  32. Hi Chrisma, I was very interested to hear you had WLS approx 8-10 months ago. Sounds like you are doing super! However, did you have lap band of RNY (gastric bypass)? I do not want to leave any comments on the board, so if you have a way of responding otherwise that would be great.

  33. Hi Charisma,

    I find it very difficult choosing a thread color when quilting a quilt with many colors. What is your favorite thread to quilt with when you don’t want the thread to over take the look of the quilt especially when the back of the quilt is a dark fabric. I have tried invisible thread but some times I find it difficult seeing the stitches on dark colored fabric…..HELP !

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