At Christmas time I quilted a quilt for one of my fabulous quilters and I knew I would copy her quilt. It was so fabulous & fun.

I have been  saving ….Er Hoarding a few charm packs for years.

It was called Birds & Berries By Lauren & Jessi Jung. My local shop has never carried any of their Moda lines. But I happen to love their fabrics. So I have been saving them for that “perfect” project. I have a bad habit of not cutting into my favorite collections. So I started out small and used these 2 charm packs. haha!

066I also added a few more charms that went with the color scheme…because I didn’t have enough….and it seems that I tend to like a variety of lots of textures anyway.

I used a tutorial that I found on You-Tube for the Disappearing 4- patch. You can find that here.

067 068 069So I was in my groove of putting them together and didn’t realize that some blocks were cut differently than others…so I had a split quilt. I decided to have a “design opportunity” and create connections.

You see the original D4P links together with opposites attracting. I realized that some of mine were like attracting like. So I decided that I would create a portal in the middle where “new’ information could be sent to the “other side” So if you look closely at those blocks that are highlighted in the center…one side of each block talks differently that the other……on each side. Kind of fun right?

So due to that I kept thinking about phone lines and communication lines. I am “Old School” and when I was young I had a phone with a rotary dial hooked to the wall…..I had my parents buy a LOOOONNNNGG cord so I could walk around while talking on the phone. So it was one of those curly cords that I also played with while talking on the phone.

In the center of the quilt I mimicked those curly phone cord lines. 076Can you see them? Kind of difficult in this lighting.

075I framed it all in with a curly feather just because I had the space and it’s beautiful.

074 073 072Here’s a picture of the back:

077 078 079I picked up this extra wide backing on sale on-line at this fabulous shop called Backside fabrics. When they have a clearance sale….it’s amazing! I want to say I got this extra wide backing fabric for 7$ a yard or something.  I picked up a few more cuts as well.

Anyway, this was a really fun quilt that I just worked on here and there easy peasy and cute!

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Many Blessings!




6 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Cute quilt. You might want to be on the lookout for their new line of fabric coming out soon. I live in the same town as Jessi and have quilted lots of her quilts, including some in her book. She is a very nice lady.

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