Confessions Of a Fabriholic

HI Everyone,

Well today I started out working at my LQS. YEP! They opened today for the annual sale….I would just like to say today ..


I bought WAY to many yards of fabric..but honestly I needed 40 yards alone for fabric backings.

I know!

But they were on sale for 4$ a yard , I worked so I got some wages and I also got 20% off. So you can’t beat that price.

Then I came home. I made myself finish a customer quilt so I could start working on my Christmas quilt. I just finished it.
Oh I am so in love with it! I just couldn’t leave until it was finished.

I pinned another customer quilt on the big frame so I will get that finished up first thing in the morning. .well it will take me all day…then I am going to pin another one of my quilts…I just haven’t decided which one yet.

Tomorrow the boys come family will all be together again. The kids start school on Tuesday so it will be a get everything ready and back into our routine again…type of a day.
Rob took the kids to church today…and Jeri brought me notes from the service. Wasn’t that nice?

I can’t believe all of our vacations are over. Honestly. Rob has to go back to work too. It’s nice to have them home because everything is just relaxed…but then again it’s nice to be in a routine as well.

I watched a lifetime movie and a hallmark movie today. I usually watch hallmark movies…cause they are nicer. Happier or heart warming. Did any of you watch November Christmas this year. I sobbed through the whole thing. I have it recorded on my DVR…even though I know the ending…I still sob. It’s a good one.

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day of pedicures/lunch with some girly friends. I hope you all have a great night! It’s the first day of the year! YIPPEEEEE!

2 thoughts on “Confessions Of a Fabriholic

  1. You lucky dog!!!
    Don’t know what you got yet but I will probally wish I had seen if first. Can’t wait to see.
    I love Hallmark movies too—from Thanksgiving to Christmas—all the best. I just watched one yesterday too after everyone left and we finally had a quiet house too—it was “the grace card”
    Then you get to go have pedicures etc while I have to work….

  2. you know your blessed to have a fabric shop and SALE…lol
    Glad your holidays were good and hope the Lord continues to Bless you and your family…can’t wait to see the fabric so pics please,,,,quilts as always are awesome… Hugs T

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