Computer Quilting Practice

Ok so this has been an experience.

It’s not as easy to learn computer quilts.

As Rob said “Between the 2 of us we can get a quilt quilted. The problem is that we need to be able to do one by ourselves”

Where I am weak…Rob is strong and vice Versa. As I type this we are on our 5th quilt. We have not done one perfectly yet. I am using my own quilt tops as we are really learning so I am not making massive flubs on everyone else’s but it’s frustrating….because just when we think we have it….we have to learn something new.

Here is the first quilt that we quilted with the dealer…so of course it’s perfect:

The good thing is that I am completing TONS of UFO’s. IN fact I was getting so frustrated…I was wondering if I would have to use all of my quilt tops to practice on….I hope not. But we shall see…..I guess that’s what they are for…but still sometimes I want to fine tune my own freehand skills rather than sacrifice them all to the computer.

Here is the second one:

We chose all over those dragonflies….but we overlapped on one side….Rob was very frustrated by this one. Then this next one is our third one:

The third one actually turned out perfect..except we didn’t know how to cut off the it quilted like 5 extra inches in the bottom part of the excess..LOL We are still learning. But the body of the actual quilt is fabulous! I love it!

This was our 4th one…and it was all kinds of messed up..I had to go in and do some freehand to fill in some gaps….I can’t even tell you what we did wrong. It w as upsetting to say the least…but the end result looks fine. LOL

I pieced a minky back to test the minky on the machine and make sure Rob knew how to handle it all.  We are currently working on our 5th one…and hoping it’s a success. There are a few flubs..but nothing to freak out about. Send good vibes my way. It’s exhausting learning something new…I have to say. I think I am over stimulated..if that’s possible?


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