Colorful Pixels

Annette and I have been working together for years. I adore her and her style. She takes my scraps and makes works of art!


This is one of them….when I saw this one I just got giddy!

Look how seriously pretty this is… modern and bright using scraps from every theme of fabric. Just goes to show you that if you cut something small enough it looks goon everywhere.

063 064I wanted to play of that design she created….so I quilted all over swirls in the center section and then quilted back and forth lines in the floating squares to break up the elements and create different textures. There are L’s in the borders.

065 066 067So cool! & fresh!

068 069 070Thanks Annette! I appreciate you so much!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

071I hope you all have a super fab Day!


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