Colorful Brick Road


I am not sure what the name of this pattern is…but it looks like it would be a beautiful scrappy.



I have quilted many for Albertha she always does a great job and this looks exactly like a patter she would make..she likes little pieces and using lots of scraps & colors. She does a variety of projects…but there is always one like this. I love these kind when I am sewing as well…no pressure and all beautiful.


I quilted all over charisma curls….it gives it some movement but keeps the texture consistent across the whole quilt.

009Thanks Albertha! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

I will post the next one soon.



3 thoughts on “Colorful Brick Road

  1. I am certainly a “scrappy” person, so you know I love this beautiful job! What tremendous work went into making this. Those little pieces can be a real chore and one has to have a passion for working with them……obviously Albertha does, and what a fantastic job she has done on this one! And of course the quilting is superb, Charisma!!

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