Color Challenge Peace

Like how I did that? Peace instead of Piece?? Yeah I know. IMG_8039

Anyway my LQS did a color challenge contest.  They made these fabulous bundles of colors that you could purchase….with a set of rules. I can’t remember all of the rules except that whatever you made had to use a little piece of every fabric…you could add fabrics…..I don’t remember. Anyway the due date is this next week…then they are judged..and hung in the shop for voting (as we Speak). IMG_8036

Linda is one of the people who took the challenge…..I thought about it but didn’t want any pressure. So when I quilted this I had to be top secret. …not show anyone and wait until now to post. Isn’t it great? I saw her original sketch on graph paper…and we decided on simple quilting …she wanted swirls mainly for the “groovy” feeling….and I couldn’t just quilt an all over…..I really couldn’t. I could see the potential.So we settled for alternating back & forth lines. I am pretty pleased with the results. It looks very modern to me. IMG_8037IMG_8038IMG_8040 IMG_8041 IMG_8042

I will have to check back to see how she placed…..I am not sure how many entries or categories. It’s hard to say with our quilt shop. we have TONS of quilters in our area….and lots like a challenge. So there will probably be 100 entries. LOL I can’t imagine judging them. It will be incredibly difficult. But quilting is not the challenge..just the color. 🙂IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8044

Thanks Linda! I hope you win!

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