College Pyramids

124Judy brought this quilt to me. She made this for her niece’s graduation gift. Her niece saw a picture on pinterest and loved it. So Judy copied it…( I have since seen that picture). I have to say this color story is so appealing to me. I am not sure how to describe it…it’s like a mix of fresh and cool? right? I am not sure…but this color combo is being stored in the back of my memory for a future project.


I needed to keep with the modern theme…..but I did mix it up a little and quilted all of the gray triangles with a loopy design instead of a continuous curve..I just wanted to shake it up a bit. Give it some interest.

125 126The borders got bubbles and a loopy feather.

128 129

The back:

130So fresh, fun & clean!

Thanks Judy! You are fabulous!


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