Cole’s 16th Birthday

Today Cole is 16 years old. I remember so vividly being pregnant with him….in one of the record heat waves of Spokane, WA. I had no Air conditioning, I hate the heat and I was HUGE! I could barely keep hydrated…every time I went to the Dr she said I was dehydrated….:(

The night he came into the world his dad told me he was tired and not to wake him up that night. I knew,I was in labor…but not sure how far along. I waited as long as I could…I called my mom….my brother and some friends to pick up Bryce. It was like 11:30 PM. I walked into the hospital..I was pre-registered. So I just gave them my name….ect. They set me up in the room..asked how bad my pain was..I was still walking around, breathing…ect.  I didn’t think it was to terrible. So everything was moving very smoothly…the nurse decided to check how far along I was….and she said push….so I did and his head came out. She started yelling down the hall to get a Dr…and she told me not to push anymore. I told her that was not possible ->I was pushing. The Dr got there just in time to catch him. 🙂 It was just as easy as that. He did have a few complications due to the rapid delivery. HE was in teh hospital for 4 days afterwards….breathing issues ect.

He was an easy baby. As long as he had food he was content. He is pretty much that same way. Truly. Any extra money he has will go to snacks, food, and meals are very important to him. Not in a food hoarding way…but in a growing boy sort of way.

He loves Fried Chicken..hates potatoes…loves ice cream, fruit salad, McChicken sandwiches, Soda, Anything with chicken really…LOL! IN fact the one thing he wanted for his birthday this year was to go to a sit down restaurant for dinner tonight. SO that’s what we shall do….and we have to wait until he gets off work at 7:30 to do so. Then I think Rob will take him and the guys to a movie.

Cole is my logical child. He is a perfectionist. He wants to please people. He has to have matching clothes..he cares deeply how he looks. He wants to have perfect grades. So he works really hard at making sure that happens. He is very prideful in the way that he appears to the outside. He can’t handle rejection. He hates it when people don’t like him. He looks at things a lot in the way that I do….when something good happens..A good experience he wants to imprint it in his brain so he never forgets.

I remember when he was a little boy, about 4-5 years old. I was making apple pie. He wanted to help. So I taught him how to roll out the pie dough and ruffle the edge with his fingers..while he was doing that he said “Mom, I always want to remember this.” I said “Me too” It warmed my heart.

One the day that we first took him to his kindergarten dawned on me how much of a little man he was…he shook the hands of anyone that came into the room and presented himself in such a way that it made me flash to when he would be a man….he was nervous being on his own…and he handled it all by himself very well. My eyes welled up with tears and I let him. He has always been in Bryce’s shadow and when each occasion in his life came up that he needed to step forward on his own he has……in a way that makes me know that he is ok playing second fiddle. Which is sad in a way because he shouldn’t have to, doesn’t have to and it’s all by his own choice. He loves his brother more than his brother will ever fully know. He looks up to him. There is something special about their relationship. Landon will joke that Bryce got all of our worst qualities an Cole got all of our best ones. I think it’s funny to look at it like that…..I think our worst qualities are always also our best qualities…you just have to learn to work with what you’ve got. But these boys absolutely compliment each other. Where one is weak the other is strong. They just don’t understand it yet.

Cole has absolutely been a blessing for our family because he sees things differently than anyone else. He also has a calming effect because he hates fighting & confrontation. He would rather just laugh and be merry. He doesn’t want to live a life of pain or risk. He has thought about being an accountant. But he also loves people and he loves to be a rescuer. Since he was 4 he has always said he wanted to be a police officer. Now he is thinking about being a fire fighter.  As much as those are risky jobs..he also sees in black & white and his need to help people far outweigh the risks that may be associated. Either way I know he will be good at whatever he does. He has always been a hard worker. It’s one of his good qualities. He wears his heart on his sleeve even if he doesn’t know it. He doesn’t want to be “weak” in that way ….but he does. He is very vulnerable. Tears come really easily to him. He hasn’t yet learned that those things make you strong rather than weak.

When the kids were little I would tell them if they all got their chores done we would have a treat or go do some fun activity. We had to quit that plan once I found out that Cole would do every ones chores so we could have the incentive.  I caught him one day and said “Why are you doing that?” He said “Because if I don’t it won’t get done” Unfortunately We have a few kids in the house that don’t do chores well. And with Jeri she didn’t care what the incentive was..she didn’t follow poor Cole was being taken advantage of. So we had to stop that plan of action and move to a personal based rewards system. The hard workers need to be rewarded.

Cole is a leader. Whether he wants the position or not. I know when he get out on his own he will be a fair & compassionate leader. I imagine that he will be the strong capable man of our group of boys.  He won’t be looking for the fast easy way to get around things. He will work his way up like he should and he will make good choices. His weakness will be girls because he is a rescuer. He will be to trusting. Which is good on one hand…again our best & worst are the same. But when he does marry and have a family I know he will be a good father and husband. I can see it already.

I am absolutely blessed beyond measure to have him as my son. God gave him to me and I have always loved this precious gift. I have tried to listen to him. When he speaks and tells me what he needs..he is learning how to communicate his needs and let us know what will help him prosper. Which is so much easier to deal with than trying to figure out hormone brains. It shows his young maturity. I love his laugh and smile. He smiles & laughs more than the average bear…we have accused him since he was little of being a bobble head because he always smiles & laughs. It’s very charming. He is always quick to apologize when he thinks he has hurt my feelings. He will always be the first to volunteer to help me with something. I appreciate that. He is always good to give me hugs and tell me he loves me. My boys are all good at that. I appreciate that more than ever now that they are older.

He is so much like me I can tell when something is just eating at him…..he will put himself in front of the TV ( which isn’t a normal thing) and zone out…because it will just turn & turn in his head. He always wants to solve the issue…and he gets very frustrated with himself if he lets himself down or anyone around him. I don’t think he wants to be like me….but he is. <3

I am really proud of him. He has held down a job all summer, saving his money, and saving for his car. Which I think he has decided he is getting a 2008 Chevy Impala….and he will have the nicest car out of the kids so far. All of the hard work he has been doing is paying off. He is going to have to do some more quilts to pay his insurance! LOL Or get a job during the school year. Watching him grow and waiting to see where his journey will take him is my pleasure. I know God has great plans for him…he just needs to line up with What God wants and the possibilities are endless.

I am just waiting & praying.

Here is to Cole’s 16th Birthday. Happy Birthday Son. I love you beyond measure. To infinity & beyond!




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