Cole made in into NJHS

National Junior Honor Society!


Accepting his certificate....after he took the pledge. {waiting to be called up)

YEP! What a great kid I have! I would like to take all the credit but honestly..he did it all on his own..he is the kid I don’t have to beg him to change his unmatchy clothes, he is always clean, organized and a pretty logical thinker. He doesn’t really give me any trouble. He is a bit full of himself at times…but I think that is just a cover for how hard he is on himself..and I actually like the confidence {even if it is false}. Landon (his Dad) and I always tease that he got all of our best qualities while Bryce got all of our bad {I hate to say bad..but I would just clarify not bad …but as in tough to parent) qualities.

Cole is a hard worker, organized, studious, kind, doesn’t get mad easily, not stubborn (as much as the rest of, has a good memory and just all around easy to parent.

Cole signing the book

Cole is a middle child…so I think he tries to get attention by being an over acheiver& perfectionist. I have to say I love that..but I know the curse that is being one myself {over acheiver}

Anyway….I took my camera for pictures and the batteries died assoon as we got there..go figure. So I only had my I-phone.Yucky pictures..but at least it’s something.

I am proud of my son! Love you Cole!


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