Clarissa’s Ballet Recital

Well I am having issues with my camera..the flash no longer works….which I don’t actually use for everyday photos cause I try to take them in daylight..however in a dark situation like a ballet performance you kind of need it…so my next big purchase will be a decent camera.

So this is the best I could get. Clarissa is a snowflake…they dance and throw snow on the stage….
There are also pictures of her with the roses her daddy bought her after her performance.

I actually gave him that little task to do…because I knew she would appreciate them… I want her to feel like her ballet is just as important as the boys’ football.

So when I was helping her change into her sweats after the recital she looks me in the eye and said “Who bought those for me?”
I looked at her and said “Your Dad”
She smiled BIG and said “Yay”….and rushed off to change.
She need not ever know that I told him to do it…she loves the roses.She wants them to live forever..and she wants me to buy plant food cause she thinks she can make them live longer..Oh Bother!

5 thoughts on “Clarissa’s Ballet Recital

  1. Hi Charisma! Clarissa is beautiful! The roses were a wonderful touch! These are the memories that stay with us!

    Congratulation!! Mom and Dad!

  2. Oh Charisma- she is beautiful. You must be so proud. What a wonderful moment for Clarissa. 🙂
    Blessings today and always

  3. aw she looks so cute the roses will always be a great memory for her maybe you could dry them so she can keep them longer?

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