Clarissa’s 13th Birthday

Today is Clarissa’s 13th birthday. I can hardly believe my baby is 13. The years pass by so quickly.

roo in Grandmas hat

It’s difficult to describe Roo, as I call her. Roo has been her nickname since birth. She was my baby n & all of my baby nursery themes were Winnie -the- pooh. So I love Winnie. Kanga, a character in the story has a baby named “Roo” …. I actually didn’t come up with the name though. Rob would call her “Rissy -Roo” when she was tiny and Roo just stuck.

Roo is the baby…but she doesn’t like being the baby. She has been babied her whole life….not by me. But by her father and brothers. Now she is a diva and they wonder why?  She is smart ..she can get through her school work but she is actually more smart about people and reading people. She  just hasn’t come to realize that yet and trust herself. She will die to herself to help others. She is an animal lover….like fierce animal lover. She gets that from her father and Grandmother. It wouldn’t surprise me if he became a vegetarian and started a local animal rights group. She can’t help herself. If she sees a wounded or lost animal she will drop everything and do what she can to help. Even at her own expense. She has been bitten , clawed ect. She doesn’t learn. I find it admirable….but also want her to use common sense about some things.

She is at a terrible age where she is trying to discover some things about herself..but also “fit-in’ and these are the toughest years for kids. She has also become a “woman’ recently and we are dealing with the hormones and mood swings that come with that. We have talked about this and she said she would rather skip this monthly cycle and just adopt in the future..because she even hates herself during these rough hormone surges. I tried to explain the beauty of our bodies and how we get the privilege of growing humans….she is not real excited about that fact right now. LOL So I just told her we can’t change it. That’s how God made us. So we just have to trust in the process.

roo in Grandmas glassesRoo wearing my grandma’s glasses from the 80’s or 90’s. LOL She found them and couldn’t resist putting them on.

Roo is beautiful and she is unsure of herself. She is trying to put on a good front because the culture of our house is difficult for women. NO matter how much I have tried it’s been difficult for all of us ladies. The guys are all a force their own. They hog attention, conversations..and they dictate most of the house. I have tried to get a good balance but it is what it is and she maybe knows a bit too much about certain things…not enough of others. She is not as much of a “lady” as I would like her to be…..and I wonder what kind of guy she is going to attract? it scares me actually. She is not athletic so she doesn’t “hang” with the guys so much. She is actually struggling with her girl friends because most of them are athletes and she isn’t…so she doesn’t fit in . She has tried different sports….but she just doesn’t have it in her. So we just keep trying different things.

Roo likes to read. She likes romance stories like I do. She loves Anne of Green Gables. she read Pride and Prejudice this last year at 12 years old. I know some adults who can’t read that book. She loved it. Although, half way through the book I got an earful about how “Her dad is not a Mr. Darcy” haha! I have a shirt that says “I married my Mr. Darcy” so she started naming all of the reasons why her dad was different than Mr. Darcy..then she read the rest of the book and realized the reason we all want to marry Our own Mr. Darcy. and she ate some crow.  So I thought that was fun. Now she is reading another Jane Austen book.

Roo is not so much an extrovert, She can be for a short time and then she needs her alone time. She takes after her dad and Carl as far as that. She is more of an introvert and needs her alone ( re-charge ) time.  I try to respect that….but it’s difficult because I am more of an extrovert. But the older I get the more introverted I become…or maybe it’s because I am surrounded by them?

Roo Selfie

Roo likes to bake and eat sweets. She is a junk food junkie and she would rather eat a bowl full of candy than dinner anytime. I sometimes think she has an unhealthy relationship with food. But i think it’s a girl thing. There is not a lot I can do about it …she is old enough to start recognizing her own issues and work on them. But because she doesn’t have a weight issue, I don’t think it’s going to set in for awhile.

Clarissa likes to dress up and try new things with her hair, make-up and test out different things. She is also a selfie queen. 🙂 as you can see from the photos.

Most of these  pics were taken by way of stealing my cell phone.

Roo is loving ( when she wants to be) and she is compassionate. She loves little kids and she will be a great mother one day. I imagine she will be adopting and having a ton of babies. While living in an animal refuge. She will be baking the animals  & kids good homemade treats and making crafts.    🙂 of course that is just my take on her life…I am wise enough to know that my plans are not God’s plans. I also know that Clarissa will find her own path to everything…she sometimes has to learn things the hard way by not asking for help ( she is stubborn) and she thinks she can carry every burden on her own. It’s difficult teaching a child like that…I have a few of them.

I am thankful that I get to raise a daughter and I get to see all of the ways that she is like me and not like me. It’s frustrating and rewarding. It’s not easy to raise a strong, faithful and capable woman. There is so much wisdom I want to inject into her and get her to believe within herself and it just doesn’t seem to happen the way I want it too, sometimes. I guess this is the issues all parents have. She wants to break free but doesn’t realize how vulnerable she is to the world…and I have to constantly remind her of that  while also telling her that she is powerful in other ways.  She thinks I am crazy. all teens do.

Roo is also very dramatic. She doesn’t think she is..but boy howdy she is. A few weeks ago I took her on a hike up Beezley. She volunteered to go and she knew what time I was leaving..we set a plan. Well she didn’t wake up in time..she didn’t eat breakfast and once we got there…we got about half a mile in ( of 6) and she started complaining. I told her that I wasn’t going home..she was well aware of the plan and she will just have to deal with it. Oh goodness. then she started telling me how I was going to KILL her….she wasn’t going to make it…She was going to DIE on the hill. Then she started planning her funeral and started talking about what she wanted done with her ashes. This went on for a full mile….I am not kidding. Apparently, she doesn’t not want to be buried because of the worms & bugs eating her.  She wants to be cremated and then I am to spread her ashes in Iceland, Germany, Ireland, and The castle in England….  and a little on Beezley Hill because that’s where she died after all. I am to spread her ashes in all of those places because that’s her heritage ( Rob and I had our DNA tests done a few months ago).   She had specific plans as to what I was to do in each country. *sigh*

Then she asked me what I wanted done with my body. I told her whatever all of the kids decide is fine by me. I don’t care because I will be with Jesus. She said…”Don’t worry Mom I will save you from the bugs & worms” >>..LOL. I said Clarissa I don’t care about that. when you are heaven you don’t care about earthly things. She said “But when you look down you will see them eating you” I said “No I won’t….I won’t be looking down-> I will be looking up” Those things are for the family left behind. So if you kids need a grave to visit..if that brings you comfort than I am fine with that…if not then I am fine with our memories. She is not 100% convinced yet. haha! I am ok with that. She will come to trust that later as she grows in faith.

So I had to listen to her go on and on about her death and funeral because she didn’t think she had enough energy for a hike….you will all be glad to know she made it the whole 6 miles just fine and she lived through it all. 🙂  But in Clarissa fashion..she couldn’t just die with a simple burial..Rob and I would have to fly across the globe to deliver her to every spot she wants to be buried. But she is not dramatic at all!

Happy Birthday Roo! I love you so much! I am glad I get to be your Momma! You fill my heart!










5 thoughts on “Clarissa’s 13th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Roo. You sound like a wonderful teen. I think you Mother is enjoying you.
    You have a great future, right here in Mortality. Love, Kathleen from Idaho

  2. Happy (late) Birthday wishes Roo. Life is wonderful, full of surprises and dreams fulfilled. Hope you had a day filled with happiness and blessings. Brothers are great, I have three brothers and no sisters. I have made it just fine and you will too. I will say growing up with only brothers is challenging, but being older now, I really appreciate them.

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