Clarissa AKA Roo-> is 14 today

My youngest child is 14 today. 14 years ago I was induced at the local hospital and she was still the baby who took the longest to come out. LOL. I was very impatient.

These were taken a few weeks ago after her first job interview. With her really long hair.

I am not with her today…her dad is going to take her out to dinner without me. We will celebrate when I get home…I gave her the choices to celebrate before or after my trip. she chose after. But we do have a fabulous trip planned to the Mall of America in a few weeks …her and I along with my brother and her cousin ( who is the same age).

Clarissa and I have our struggles because she is my daughter…she also has many traits like her father…which frustrate me.

She is artistic and doesn’t know it yet. She  is a secret keeper, she is an animal lover, converse & croc wearer…when she puts her mind to something she accomplishes it….she accepts everyone as they are. She doesn’t like to make hasty decisions. She loves junk food and she is always in trouble for stealing my clothes and makeup without asking.

She decided to cut her hair a few weeks ago:

Elvis ( her birthday present) is in her arms. Best birthday gift EVER!! not to mention we all love him and he offers so much laughter, fun and love in our house.

Clarissa started taking pottery with me …and she is AMAZING! she can just create all of these different things by molding the clay…herself. She makes so many animals and different things …we are all amazed at what she comes up with..I can’t ever imagine her lump of clay and how she builds it into the things she does….but before I know it, she has made this fabulous creation that she set out to create. I like to create bowls and platters ect so I can draw designs into them..she actually makes birds, cows, pigs, ect…all from a lump of clay. It fascinates me. She decided to make a pregnant alien…which is a guy because she is bucking gender roles…lol. Here is a picture of the alien ( before it’s fired & glazed)

It just makes me laugh. LOL

She is so funny!

I am amazed that she is 14 years old. It just goes so quickly….in a few years she will be moving on from home…and I pray she makes good choices.

She has been exposed to so much with her brothers and she is currently in therapy. She is struggling with the loss of our huge family. She feels alone and she misses everyone. Elvis is now her companion and bestie in the home. I try to do as much as I can with her..but I am the mom…and she will do certain things with me….but she is also an introvert and she doesn’t really hangout with her friends much. Our therapist says this is perfectly fine with her type of personality and that I shouldn’t worry. She likes having down time and I need to respect that. I just struggle sometimes because I hate for her to be alone so much…but I guess it’s what she needs to recharge. So I am trying to give her a healthy balance.

I am trying to navigate this last journey with my last child…and it’s so difficult even when you think I should be a veteran at this. But each child is different and…it’s life.

So later this year, in the fall my daughter will be in high school…it doesn’t seem possible.   but here we are. I am so thankful I get to be her mom. I am thankful that God gave her to me.  So here’s to 14 CRAZY years! I hope the next 14 bring so much love, laughter & happiness!

I love you Little Roo! I hope you have a super fabulous day!  I can’t wait to see you in a week! Have a great day!

love always,



One thought on “Clarissa AKA Roo-> is 14 today

  1. A beautiful tribute to a lovely looking girl.
    Happy Birthday to her and to you too.
    Here is a great year
    xxx Pat

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