Civil War Tumbler


Felicia sent this quilt…..she always amazes me. I think she loves little piecing and scrappy quilts….and the variety of fabrics in this is AMAZING!!


I have actually in the last few years developed a love of Civil war era quilts…..I gthink it was after I watched “Lincoln” the movie. Although reading the history books was inspiring I think actually watching the movie on the big screen really moved me. I want to make a few civil war quilts myself.


I knew an all over design would be best for this ….and Felicia wanted it to be civil war era type quilting…so I quilted feathers. You know that feathers can’t be dated? They have been used on every era of quilts. Feathers are so versatile and beautiful. It went beautifully to finish this quilt. Of course Felicia’s piecing is spot on!

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Felicia always choose great backings and this is no exception.


Thanks Felicia! You are always a pleasure to work with…and I am a fan of your work!


Thanks everyone! I hope you all have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Civil War Tumbler

  1. Again, another beautiful quilt. I, too, am a fan of civil war antiques, quilts, and all things of that era.
    Wonderful work, ladies!!11

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