Civil War Album

Vicki made this beauty.


It’s a sampler quilt of 6 inch blocks…..wowza! There is 121 blocks. So it’s been quite a journey for Vicki.


I recognized a few of the fabrics from some of her past quilts….and I wondering if she traded fabrics with a  few others to get variety because there wasn’t much repeated. Tons of variety.


I also love the personal touch of adding photos of past family members that served in the Civil War. Having that kind of history is amazing and being able to add it..well that’s just awesome!

IMG_1559 IMG_1560

I cross hatched each block , added leaves in the sashings and feathered the border.


This is my favorite block:


Here’s the back:

IMG_1564Beautiful quilt to treasure. It has wool batting so it will be nice & comfy-cozy.

Thanks Vicki!

I hope everyone has a super fabulous day today!


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