Circle of Geese

Circle of Geese was made by me…and Laurie. years ago Laurie made me a bunch of blocks and I put a few of them into this quilt. I purposely left tons of gray space for custom quilting. But then the opportunity to try a modern computer design came up…so I sacrificed this quilt top….oh shucks!

( I have more blocks to make another quilt…don’t worry)

I bought this quilting design and it didn’t turn out like the picture said it would….so I am not sure if I should write the company…or not. I kind of like it….but I am not sure I can use it because it leaves quilt a bit of space not quilted. If you use good batting..there is o worries….and I can always go in and freehand some work in there as well. I am leaving this because I happen to like it. But I am not real sure how some customer would feel about it…what do you all think? Here is a close up:

Love the leaves and pebbles. It’s organic and modern and just plain cool.


This would make a cool baby quilt or wall hanging. I can’t decide….but I am glad to have another project finished. When I get back from my trip and update my project report after all of these list is gonna be HUGE!! yahoo!!

I am having a difficult time not buying computer designs…I thought to myself before I left….”Charisma you are going to making quilts just to try these designs…that doesn’t make sense”

I guess that is the downfall of a creative mind. LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Do something kind for someone… makes a world of difference.



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