Churn Dash Love & More

Brenda is a prolific quilter from New York. I am not even sure how many I have quilted for her.

She always does a beautiful job and sends in bulk.

These first 2 churn dash quilts are scrappy and beautiful. She requested that a heart be quilted in the center of each block. IMG_9079 IMG_9080 IMG_9081 IMG_9078

Love the colors…so cute!

I also quilted Continuous curves, stipple leaves and loops. IMG_9099IMG_9100IMG_9101-001IMG_9102IMG_9103


They turned out great!

I also quilted these Beatrix Potter quilts with the clam shell templates from Loricles. IMG_9111IMG_9112IMG_9113

Thanks Brenda! always a pleasure working with you!

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