Christmas Tree

I used to LOVE Christmas decorating. My family always went crazy decorating during the holidays. I used to decorate the outside..the inside ..every room ect. Not anymore. I actually don’t miss it. I love Christmas….but with all of the clutter and kids stuff it’s so time consuming and exhausting that I don’t decorate unless it’s our year to host Christmas. I usually just put out a few of my dolls and we put up a tree. Clarissa loves it. I feel like I have shorted her on all of this stuff because she is the youngest and she has got the worn out mom years. Where as the older kids got the young less worn out mom that went the extra mile and centered everything around them. LOL  One of the boys was complaining about having to decorate…and I quickly shushed him and told him we need to do some for Clarissa. So then I decided we would just go all out. Apple cider simmering…their favorite Bob’s soft mints and Christmas music in the background. You know trying to create the Norman Rockwell picture in my head. It never goes that way….why do I ever think it would?  Honestly…..doing anything with 4 teenage boys is exhausting. They can’t just do a job and get it over with. They have to crack jokes about everything, laugh at everything…turn everything into something perverted. Yes…even Christmas decorating. Something so pure. The Santa on the top of our tree has these arms that are supposed to wrap around the tree to look like he is  hugging the tree. I looked up to see what they are all laughing at ….and well the arms are not in good places..they are now calling Santa “Bad Touch Santa”. They did clean it up when Clarissa came downstairs. Thank GOD! They at least respect that rule.   I seriously hope this is not how construction crews work….maybe it is that’s why nothing is ever done on time? Something to ponder. But something that should take us 90 minutes took us 5 hours…..because of those clowns. IMG_7356

So the boys worked ( if we can call it that) at constructing the tree….sorting lights ect. I went through lights and wrapped the ones we aren’t using. I also went through all the Christmas decorations and got rid of a TON of stuff. So I could downsize enough to fit them in my storage closet. I got them all in except the tree. Rob said we could store that in the storage shed.  I accomplished that goal. Then Rob & Bryce put the ski slope on the tree. The ski slope should be lower. It kind of looks ridiculous where it is…but Rob has a bad back and he didn’t want to put it on in the first place. So he wasn’t going to stress himself any further. The kids voted for the slope… really is a favorite thing around here.  Landon had it on the tree when he was a kid…and his Grandma gifted it to my boys when they were little ( Bryce was a baby). Landon’s Grandma was a beautiful generous person. She was the one who gave me my first sewing machine.  She also went crazy for holidays and decorating. She was a great cook and domestic Goddess.Fond memories of her. So this ski slope always makes me think of her. IMG_7357

The ski slope has little skiers that go up the lift and ski around the track. I hate to admit how many times we have watched these four little guys go around the track. 🙂 IMG_7361 IMG_7360

We also have all of our Christmas Ornaments ….Rob & his ex-wife’s …Ornaments from when Landon & I were  young …like this one:IMG_7362


We look so young and a bit thinner. This was before we had kids. The boys always put this up. I always try to hide it (without them seeing)  and shoving it under other things. But they always find it and put it on the tree.  LOL> Last night it was an obvious move by one of my boys ( Rob is secure & doesn’t care…he probably has never noticed)….and another boy said…”Don’t you think that’s weird? The other one said “no, don’t be ridiculous….we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that”  That ended the conversation. How do you respond to that? hehe. But it was right in front center….I noticed this morning it was moved to the side….:) That seems better. ( I think Clarissa moved it…she is always thinking of her daddy).

We also skipped the train this year. We have a train that goes around the bottom of the tree.

I also have this yucky tree skirt. I have all of the fabric to make a tree skirt to match the stockings I made…but have not yet made the skirt. It will be on my list this year. …or two since I won’t need it next year. LOL I think that’s what hangs me up every year.

Maya ( she’s a first grader that stays the night so he mom can work graveyard) came at her usual time…which was perfect because the boys had finished their part…well all they wanted to do. So the girls, Clarissa & Maya could finish the ornaments. They spent a lot of time deciding what should go where and why. I finally had to tell them that it was getting late and they needed to wrap it up a bit.

I am not one of those parents that dictates how the tree should be decorated. I don’t fix the ornaments after the kids go to bed  (my mom used to do that and I hated it. I always knew when I woke up that my stuff was moved). I feel they need to enjoy it and the tree and magic is all for the kids anyway. If they thinks its beautiful that is all that matters. I don’t tell them how to color a page in a coloring book…..I think the tree is a reflection of their heart and that is beautiful. 🙂 So be it. The picture of Landon and I 20 years ago can hang…the ornaments can be clustered at different levels of the tree…and there can be bare spots. The ski slope can be placed in an odd spot. When the kids leave…..they can take this stuff with them. It’s meaningful to them. The experiences of our life. It’s all there.

So this is tree! The centerpiece of our decorating. I hope you all have a great Season! Let me know if you all have Norman Rockwell memories….I would just like to meet someone who does…seriously. I don’t think I will ever have one. But at least I have good memories & experiences. That is something to feel blessed about.





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